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Full text of "One Hundred Fifty Third Commencement December 12, 1998 Savannah State University"

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g>abannaf) g>tate Untoersrttp 
^abannaf), <§eorgta 


Hux et Veritas 

December ©flelftb 

Nineteen ^unbreb anb fflmtp €tgf)t 

Cleuen o'clock tit tfje Jltormng 

Jofmnp Jfflercer tKfteater 
i§>auannaf) Cifatc Center 

0vhtv of $roce3s;ion 

The Chief Marshal 

The Class Marshals 

Candidates for Masters Degree 

Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degree 

The Faculty 

The Presidential Party 

Donated to SSU Archives 

by Sheri Saleem Scott 

upon her Retirement on July 1, 2011 

The academic regalia, the academic processional, and the 
ceremonial program are part of an ancient tradition of learning. 
This tradition is a unified, solemn occasion at which only applause 
is appropriate. 

The audience is asked to refrain from any form of expression 
and to reserve celebrations until the program is concluded. 

0vUv of Ikrbtce 

Dr. Carlton E. Brown, President 

PRELUDE "O Holy Night". ..Adolph Adams 

Mr. James Thompson, 
Jr., Organist 

♦ACADEMIC PROCESSION . . "War March of the Priests"... .Felix Mendelssohn 

Mr. James Thompson, Jr., Organist 

INVOCATION Dr. Samuel Williams 

Assistant Director for Student Affairs 
Savannah State University 

SOLO Ms. Felicia N. Sigler 

"SSU Class of 1998" 

Mr. DeAndre Ervin, 



GUESTS AND SPEAKER Dr. Carlton E. Brown 

COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Honorable Thurbert Baker 

Attorney General of the State of Georgia 



Vice President for Academic Affairs 


Assisted by Dr. Silver and 
Mrs. Teria G. Sheffield, Assistant Registrar 


Vice President for Academic Affairs 


College of Business Administration Dr. Jan Jankowski 

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences . . Dr. Otis S. Johnson 
College of Sciences and Technology .... Dr. Charlesworth Martin 


Assisted by the Academic Deans and 
Mrs. Teria G. Sheffield, Assistant Registrar 

ALUMNI INDUCTION Mr. John Brown, President 

Savannah State University National Alumni Association 




Reading the Commissioning Document . . . Dr. George N. Williams 

Head, Department of Chemistry 
and Faculty Representative to the NROTC 

Administering the Oath of Office Commander Welch Fair 

BENEDICTION Dr. Samuel Williams 

*Alma Mater - Savannah State College Hymn 

**RECESSIONAL "Pomp and Circumstance" .... Sir Edward Elgar 

Mr. James Thompson, Jr., Organist 

Savannah State College Hymn 

J. Randolph Fisher and Hillary Hatchett 

Let us give thanks and praise to thee 

To our Alma Mater, S.S.C. 

Thine honor, pride, and eminence, 

We raise in prayerful reverence. 

Guide us still from day to day, 

Be thou mindful lest we lose our way; 

Help us know that life, short or long, 

Means unceasing work for weak and strong. 


Where Savannah meets the sea, 
Where grassy plains and palms abound, 
Where the flow'rs are gems of loveliness, 

There SSC is found. 
We adore each beauteous scene and hall, 

Our all we pledge to thee! 

In our hearts we'll build a shrine for Thee 

We hail Thee, S.S.C! 

The audience is requested to stand. 

The audience is requested to remain seated until the processions has exited. 

jfteter'* degree Conferred 


Jteter of public gfomtntetratton 

Darlene E. Carson Columbia College 

Michelle Rene Carthon Savannah State University 

Charisse Dazelle Chisholm Georgia Southern University 

Kesha Gibson-Carter Fort Valley State University 

Kareem Ahmad Hill Georgia Southern University 

Alfred Henry Jackson, Jr Savannah State University 

Kerri Caprice Lloyd Georgia Southern University 



Nikki Giovanni Anderson Savannah, Georgia 

Felicia Antoinette Barnes-Gadson Savannah, Georgia 

Anika Patrice Bing Savannah, Georgia 

Ralph Leon Brown II Savannah, Georgia 

***Brenda J. Cowley Arlington, Washington 

* Timothy Patrick Lawler Savannah, Georgia 

**Michael Brian Murray Savannah, Georgia 

* "Christy Denise Ross Stone Mountain, Georgia 

***Janet Rose Schaaf Tybee Island, Georgia 

Sharee Singleton St. Louis, Missouri 

*McCall Williams Savannah, Georgia 

McKinley Carlos Williams Atlanta, Georgia 

***SummaCum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Computer Snformation §s>p$ttm$ 

***Sylvia Michelle Andrews Birmingham, Alabama 

*Ronald Enrico Campbell Statesboro, Georgia 

*Regina Yvette Henfield Savannah, Georgia 

Crystal Nicole Jones Savannah, Georgia 

* George Hiawatha McDowell, Jr Savannah, Georgia 

Yolanda Latrell Washington Savannah, Georgia 


*Milton Allen Savannah, Georgia 

Demeatrice Necole Baker Atlanta, Georgia 

*Shakanlon L. Clark Atlanta, Georgia 

Kuwantral Latricia Cutter Savannah, Georgia 

Mary Elizabeth Davis-Brown Savannah, Georgia 

Lonnie Leonard Edwards Savannah, Georgia 

Jammie Patricia Elmore Savannah, Georgia 

DaShawn Maurice Hamilton Savannah, Georgia 

Katina LaShandra Harrison Ellenwood, Georgia 

Wanda Denise Hill Savannah, Georgia 

Joyia E'lisa Hills Savannah, Georgia 

Tonya Roshall Jones Savannah, Georgia 

*Timothy Michael Lovezzola Bloomingdale, Georgia 

LaShawntra Renee Morris Thomasville, Georgia 

Shawn Lynette Robinson Savannah, Georgia 

Adrienne Colette Warmack College Park, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude ! In Absentia 


* Janet LeNore Burney Savannah, Georgia 

Carla Trimble Campbell Savannah, Georgia 

Kimberly Michelle Gaskin Greenwood, South Carolina 

Lisa Michelle Hardamon Tifton, Georgia 

*Anetra Henry Columbus, Georgia 

Samuel Antonio Higgins Greer, South Carolina 


Cnglis;}), language anb literature 

Kavona Yvette Newsome Savannah, Georgia 

**Carl Benjamin Redding, Jr Savannah, Georgia 

Felicia Nicole Sigler Moultrie, Georgia 

Zirzeria Lillian Wright Augusta, Georgia 

Jflastf Communications 

Tijuana Shantrel Brewer Greenville, Georgia 

* Stephanie Omega Burgess Savannah, Georgia 

Jajuana Tracell Glenn Garner Petersburg, Virginia 

Yolanda Michele Hall Miami, Florida 

*Faustine Borden Stephens Savannah, Georgia 

LaToya Parneice Stocken Savannah, Georgia 

LaVictor Renardo Talbert McCormick, South Carolin 

Lisa Renee Webb Albany, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Recreation anb $ark gfoministration 

Cedric D. Adams Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Nakia Antoniette Baxter Savannah, Georgia 

Christopher Nephi Phillips Soperton, Georgia 

*Bernita A. Reese Covington, Georgia 

Aaron Robert Elo Bishop Columbia, Georgia 

*!Richard L. Riley Savannah, Georgia 

Criminal Justice 

Tonya LaTrelle Allen Savannah, Georgia 

Charles C. Bennett Savannah, Georgia 

*Keshia Renee Harper Statesboro, Georgia 

Marcellus Daniel Holmes III Jacksonville, Florida 

Katina Lincoln Summerville, South Carolina 

Felicia Doniece Mincey Glennville, Georgia 

Sonya Ravonne Minor Sandersville, Georgia 

Sharon Leonora Mitchell Savannah, Georgia 

Jennifer Yvette Palmer Crescent, Georgia 

Tamika Nikole Pritchett College Park, Georgia 

Tonya Lanette Taylor Savannah, Georgia 

Larry Charles Tyler, Jr Pavo, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

political Science 

***Roberto Bernate Savannah, Georgia 

Belinda La'Keshia Bouligny Savannah, Georgia 

Willie Green III Savannah, Georgia 

**Walter J. Howard Savannah, Georgia 

Shanta Nate Laurie Beaufort, South Carolina 

Kimberly L. Porter Savannah, Georgia 

*Kimberly Celeste Stephens Jeffersonville, Georgia 


Jeannie R. Casey Riverdale, Georgia 

Chelsea Latrelle Dennis Eatonton, Georgia 

*Daria Jeneen Williams Jacksonville, Florida 

Social OTorfe 

Jenovis LaTrelle Addison Savannah, Georgia 

*Estelline Ometa Payne Beamon Savannah, Georgia 

*Genitha Gerwanda Dawson Savannah, Georgia 

***Patricia Ann Edwards Savannah, Georgia 

Winston G. Gordon Clewiston, Florida 

**Duria Hudson, Jr Hinesville, Georgia 

Ebony Tania Jones Decatur, Georgia 

Tinika Simone Maxwell Savannah, Georgia 

Melody Dyson Milledge Savannah, Georgia 

Denise Renee Parker Savannah, Georgia 

***Angela Loraine Shoates Kingsland, Georgia 

Lynette Fontella Shuman Savannah, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Sylvia Emmily Wright Savannah, Georgia 

Tara Louchun Wright Jacksonville, Florida 


Nazzarae Nakita Collins Annapolis, Maryland 

Danielle DeVault Suffern, New York 

Beverly Marie Finch Rome, Georgia 

*Dwan Aubrey Gerido Rincon, Georgia 

Marlon Marquet Lang Savannah, Georgia 

Pamela Renita Searcy Bulter, Georgia 

Janean Rena Sorey Ellenwood, Georgia 

*Joilanda Renee Stephens Ellenwood, Georgia 

*LaKeshia Mozelle Strong Swainsboro, Georgia 

Ronnie Christopher Taylor Savannah, Georgia 

Richard Malcolm Williams Ontario, Canada 

Jttarine Science 

Michael Lasala Binstock Savannah, Georgia 

*David Raymond Wood Savannah, Georgia 

environmental J§>tutries( 

AhDae Christopher Cohen Savannah, Georgia 

Patrick Nash Johnson Guyton, Georgia 

Barry Loren Washington Ladys' Island, South Carolina 

***SummaCum Laude **MagnaCum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 


Octava Nicole Blandenburg Griffin, Georgia 

Marvin Lavon Chestnut, Jr Brunswick, Georgia 

***Veronica Edwina Smalls Savannah, Georgia 

Bridget Denise Thomas Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Computer Science QTedjnologp 

*Tammy Lynette Rahming Eleuthera, Bahamas 

Cfcemical engineering Cecfmologp 

Jabbar Mondrella Watson St. Helena Island, South Carolina 

Cibil engineering QTecfmologp 

Nyshona Michelle Carthon Savannah, Georgia 

James Edward Curlee, Jr Richmond, Virginia 

Kelvin Risdon Pennill Savannah, Georgia 

Barry Jerome Stanton Clio, South Carolina 

Electronics engineering STecfjnologp 

William Davis Boney III Atlanta, Georgia 

D'Anthony Kewandrick Moore College Park, Georgia 

**Bret Alan Stone Richmond Hill, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 


JWarine Science anb €ntrironmental gtfubies 

Sue Ann Chaplin Savannah, Georgia 

Angela Nicole Gunter Rincon, Georgia 

ptologp anb (Enbiromental gbtubteg 

Alexeer Vershone Jones Savannah, Georgia 

NOTE: Appearance of a name on any list in this program must not be considered 
as conclusive evidence of graduation. Persons who have met all requirements for 
a particular degree and whose names appear on the list in this program will receive 
the degree indicated. 

***Summa Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Honor (grabtmtetf 

Hmmma Cum Haube (3.75 - 4.00) 

Sylvia Michelle Andrews 
Roberto Bernate 
Sue Ann Chaplin 
Brenda Cowley 

Patricia Ann Edwards 

Janet Rose Schaaf 

Angela Loraine Shoates 

Veronica Edwina Smalls 

jfWagna Cum Haube (3.40 - 3.74) 
Walter Howard Michael Brian Murray 

Duria Hudson, Jr. Carl Benjamin Redding, Jr. 

Timothy Patrick Lawton Christy Denise Ross 

Bret Alan Stone 

Cum Haube 
Milton Allen 

Estelline Ometa Payne Beamon 
Stephanie Omega Burgess 
Janet LaNore Burney 
Ronald Enrico Campbell 
Shakanton L. Clark 
Genitha Gerwanda Dawson 
Dwan Aubrey Gerido 
Keshia Renee Harper 
Regina Yvette Henfield 
Anetra Henry 

(3.00 to 3.39) 

Timothy Michael Lovezzola 

George Hiawatha McDowell, Jr. 

Tammy Lynette Rahming 

Bernita A. Reese 

Richard L. Riley 

Faustine Borden Stephens 

Joilanda Renee Stephens 

Kimberly Celeste Stephens 

Lakeshaia Mozelle Strong 

Daria Jeneen Williams 

McCall Williams 

David Raymond Wood 

***Summa Cum Laude 


Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Stye £§>tgutftcance of tfje Scabemtc jfWace 

Observing the centuries old convocation procedures, each Marshall in the Savannah State 
University academic procession carries as official mace which is indicative of the power, dignity, and 
magisterium vested in the University. The mace is a club-shaped staff which originated in the Middle 
Ages as a weapon. Eventually, it gained a ceremonial character and is presently employed most often 
by legislative forums and academic enterprises. The official mace of Savannah State University was 
designed and made from mahogany wood by Dr. Ernest S. Brown, professor emeritus of civil 
engineering technology. 

The University motto is "Lux et Veritas" (light and truth). 

Scabemtc Costume* 

Modern academic dress has evolved from a type of apparel prescribed by English Medieval 
universities to distinguish their schools from the lay person in dress at a time when everybody wore 
robes or gowns. When American colleges and universities desired to adopt some suitable system of 
academic apparel a half century ago. It seemed best to agree on some definite system which all might 
follow. Accordingly, this attire has consisted of the cap, the gown, and the hood, the latter two now 
differing according to the degree the wearer has received. 

The modern cap, in academic dress, has the same design for all degrees: black and square- 
shaped with a tassel hanging from the center. However, the color of the tassel usually differentiates the 
field of study for which the degree was granted, the gold tassel being worn by doctors or by presidents 
of colleges and universities; but it may be added that the black tassel is correct for all degrees. 

The gown, unlike the cap, differs appreciably in design according to the degree conferred 
on the wearer. The gown for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn 
closed. The gown for the master's degrees, worn open or closed, has an oblong sleeve, open at the 
wrist, like the others. The sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its oblong 
shape is square cut, and the front part has an arc cut away. The doctor's gown, worn open or closed, 
has long sleeves faced with velvet; three bars of velvet are midway the sleeves. The trimmings of the 
doctor's gown may be black or the color associated with the field of study. 

The hood, while not an article of dress, is however, the most distinctive feature of the 
academic attire. It is a black, crow-shaped badge or adornment with an oval opening and worn down 
the back. It enables one to quickly determine not only the degree held by the wearer, but also the 
college or university from which he is graduated. The colors lining the hood and the size and the shape 
of the hood make this distinction. The bachelor's and master's hoods are three feet and three and a half 
feet in length, respectively; the doctor's hood is four feet in length and is made with a wide panel. 
Hoods may be worn for only those degrees actually held by the wearers. 

Members of the governing body of a college or university, and they only, whatever their 
degrees may be, are entitled to wear doctor's gowns (with black velvet), but their hoods may be only 
those of degrees actually held by the wearers or those especially prescribed for them by the institution. 

In some colleges and universities, it is customary for the president, chancellor, or chief 
officer to wear a costume similar to that worn by the head of a foreign university. 

The Chief Marshall may wear a specially designed costume approved by the institution. 

For all academic purposes, including trimmings of doctor's gowns, edging of hoods, and 
tassels of caps, the color associated with different subjects as prescribed by the revised American 
Intercollegiate Code is as follows: 

Arts, Letters, Humanities . White Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Business Drab Philosophy Dark Blue 

Economics Copper Physical Education Sage Green 

Education Light Blue Public Administration Peacock Blue 

Law Purple Science Golden Yellow 

Library Science Lemon Social Work Citron 

Music Pink Theology Scarlet 

At Savannah State University, the lining of the hood has an orange chevron on a blue 
background to represent school colors. A faculty member wears the colors of his alma mater.